One to one Puppy training and Dog Training 

Our one to one sessions are perfect for an early start to puppy training if you are waiting to complete the vaccination programme. Also suited to those who would struggle to get to class or dogs who find it a challange to work around other dogs. 1:1 sessions take place on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. We can design sessions to suit your needs or you can choose from one of the following;

Puppy training - start work early on toilet training, recall, nipping and biting, jumping up and much more.

Recall - Build a reliable recall using modern up to date methods that are fun and engaging for you and your dog.

Loose lead walking - No more sore shoulders! We have a range of activties aimed at teaching your dog to choose to walk with you. 

Leave it! - Teach your dog the cue of "Leave it" using kind fair and effective methods, this exercise will be progressed and generalised so the dog learns to move away from out of bounds items. 

Choose your own topic! - Tell us your issue or goal and we will design the session based around your needs.

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All sessions are conducted by our APDT qualified and experienced trainer.

The cost of the session is £50 for an hour and includes a full write up of the session. If you are re-booking you will also receive free ongoing email support for the duration of your training with us.